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Expert Industrial Waste Disposal
Services in Southern CA

Kc Pulp and Paper Inc. offers professional industrial waste disposal and recycling services in Southern California. Our recycling team undergoes industry and regulatory training to address your recycling requirements. As specialists in the field, we have devised a unique and convenient approach to waste management!

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Our Mission:

Here at KC, we provide our customers with both streamlined and centralized recycling services at no expense to the supplier. Our team of specialists are trained to address all your recycling requirements. We offer a unique, convenient approach to an otherwise convoluted industry. What has and always will segregate KC from our competitors is the quality of our service, the friendliness of our staff, and our quick response to inquiries. "Recycle Today...Conserve Tomorrow".

What We Offer

We are industry experts and offer the most convenient and comprehensive services, including:

  • Metal, cardboard, and disposal of electronic waste

  • Office waste paper and equipment

  • Component harvesting and commodity dismantling

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE shrink wrap)

  • Plastics (LDPE and Rigid)

What Differentiates KC From Our Competitors?

Primarily ease of service programs at NO CHARGE. Each client is compensated for their reclaimed materials. No supplier is the same! Each customer has their own individual needs and expectations. Let KC show you the difference $$$!

About Us

Our President, Ken Sanchez Sr. is a seasoned veteran in the solid waste reclamation industry. With 35 years of experience, Ken Sr. is more than equipped to tackle any issue regarding waste disposal and diversion. Ken Sr. began as a solid waste representative to three major motion picture studios, including MCA Universal and City Walk. From here, Ken Sr. become a paper waste practitioner with Weyerhaeuser. In this position, Ken Sr. Instituted the So Cal Edison recycling program at their hub facilities as well as cogeneration plants throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. After 20 years, Ken Sr. made the leap of faith and began his own recycling company. With years of sacrifice, KC began to develop an identity of its own and became the autonomous, respectable organization that it is today.